Pails and Troll Boys (NSFW)

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Anonymous asked: Do you have an FAQ?

Yes, dear. It’s under the ‘Blog Pages’, titled ‘Rules and FAQ’.

Sorry this is late. You caught me while I was at school.

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I apologize for the lack of communication lately. I’ve been busy relaxing here at home for my school’s short summer break. I admit, I’ve been feeling lazy when it comes to this blog lately, but I guess that’s summer for you. Unfortunately, I have to return to my campus and probably won’t be home for a few weeks. Hopefully then, I’ll be able to round up more material. ^_^

Take care until then.

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This is definitely just hatefriends platonically taking care of each other, not pale at all nope.

I’m sure that after the events of Those Below, Karkat continued being painfully pale for this wreck while denying it the whole time, and Gamzee just being happy to have someone fuss over him.

Happy kinda late Birthday Splickedy you Egg!!
You’re the best and you deserve a lot of dumb pale babies for your special Day and every other day tbh

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